*Ensure deck is 100% structural from sag or sway before installing Simply Deck Decking fasteners. (Hidden fasteners provide no additional structure)

*Not recommended for stairs. (face screw stairs for maximum structure)

*Joists must be flat and free from warp or twist.

*Install fastener no more than 4″ (max) from end of any deck board

*Joist maximum span is 16″ on center and stair stringer shall be 12″ on center.

*No moisture protect required where tracks are installed.

  1. Use framing chart to determine how many rows of deck boards you will need.
  2. Begin on the outside of the deck working your way towards the house.
  3. Measure in 5 1⁄4″ from outside rim and mark each end.
  4. Snap a chalk line from end to end.
  5. Place track with 2nd hole from the end directly on the chalk line and place screw in center of chalk line.
  6. Install one screw (provided) in each hole.
  7. Repeat step 5 and 6 on every joist.
  8. Cut outside piece of decking to fit and snap into place.
  9. Install one screw into outside groove of deck board at 45° angle. (at every joist)
  10. Snap-In the next two deck boards.
  11. Connect track together at end for proper spacing and install all screws.
  12. Install next four deck boards (Repeat step 11)
  13. When finishing the deck determine whether you need 1, 2, 3 or 4 sections of each track.
  14. Using a razor knife cut track between “Hold Down” clips.
  15. Install last tracks on joist
  16. Install outside deck board and install color coated screws, one on each joist (not included)
  17. Install 2nd from last board.

*IMPORTANT: Place (2) color coated deck screws in end of each deck board along perimeter.
* To remove deck boards simply pry out using a flat bar or Simply Deck safe deck removal tool.
* Tools needed – screw gun, pencil, tape measure, chalk line and razor knife.